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A photographic collection of health care workers at 
work and leisure. This exhibition attempts to demystify 
the hospital worker as not just a uniform but as a person 
with a life outside the health system. 

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According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics who recently published their 2016 Personal Safety Survey, close to half of persons who experienced emotional abuse (47.7%) and more than one third of persons who experienced violence (39.9%) from their current partners in the last 12 months were male.

I am passionate about men's issues and rights, in particular issues surrounding men who have been victims of family violence. I am undertaking a personal project called Silenced photographing and interviewing male victims of family violence to raise awareness of this issue. This would consist of text from the interview and faceless portraits for those that wish to remain anonymous. That is, images that do not identify the person such as hand shots, silhouettes or blurred background shots as an example. Images taken will appear on social media, websites, entered into international awards and exhibitions. Each participant will be required to sign a release form. There is no payment for this as the intention is to be used for community education in which I receive no payment.

I am seeking 10 men to participate in interviews and a photo session which generally takes about 1 hour. I am based in the Hunter Valley but happy to travel to the Central Coast and Sydney. If you are interested in participating, please contact me at

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