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This 2 week assignment involves working with an
NGO whose mission is to empower students in developing countries by using a three-pronged approach that focuses on: increased access to education, creating academic partnerships and curriculum development between both local and international schools and their respective communities, as well as helping to provide sustainable and adequate nutrition for their partnered beneficiaries based on Community Supported Agriculture.

I will be documenting the difficulties students in rural areas of Uganda face in accessing education as well as documenting the Organization as they monitor and evaluate their work in the field (both within the school as well as the community).

the walking school bus - uganda

beyond borders

First Time is a twelve month documentary project that gains an insight into being a first time father. Through fly-on-the-wall footage and interviews, this documentary will follow a male's experience from conception through to three months after birth.

previous projects

Many Australian Photographers (MAPgroup), one of the country‚Äôs most recognised photographic collectives, have collaborated with refugees and asylum seekers on their latest project; Beyond Borders. Participants are from a range of countries including Burma, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Jordan, Columbia, Iran and Somalia. They share some of their stories and experiences. This most recent MAPgroup project seeks to present an alternative view of some of the issues relating to asylum seekers and refugees in Australia. This exhibition will be held in August 2017 at The Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka (M.A.D.E) an Australian museum, which engages visitors in the compelling story of democracy. The stories are told of the ordinary men and women, past and present, which have fought for the democratic freedoms we enjoy today.

first time

Me Project

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current projects

Me is a twelve month project commissioned for Multicultural Week 2017. People from 10 different countries share an item that has cultural significance to them. Whether migrants, refugees or Indigenous Australians, they all have an interesting story to tell.