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This is a unique opportunity for a couple wanting to start a family.

I am producing a documentary film on the journey from attempting pregnancy to the first few months of the baby's life. I am after a couple where this will be their first time pregnancy. Each month, I would follow the couple engaging in activities relating to the pregnancy eg: anti-natal class, picking baby names, buying baby products, the actual birth etc.

This documentary would be filmed over twelve months (one or two days per month). Each month (segment) would represent a milestone. Filming locations would be those that naturally occur in the couple's environment. For example their home, shops, motor vehicle, hospital. Whilst there are agendas to be covered in each sequence, additional material may become available through the unfolding of real life. Whilst both people would be interviewed and filmed, there would be a focus on the first time father - his experiences as each month passes. Whilst no payment would be made for your involvement, the film would provide a rare and unique record of the first twelve months of parenthood. There is also the opportunity for this to be possibly screened at film festivals and on television.

The following is offered as a outline for those that may be interested.

  • This needs to be the couple's first pregnancy.
  • An Understanding of Memorandum would need to be signed that would form an agreement that both people are willing to be involved at least twice a month, for twelve months.
  • The couple would need to agree to one or two days of filming per month in locations such as but not limited to their home, workplace, car, hospital, with family and friends and antenatal classes.
  • Both people would need to agree to be filmed during intimate moments such as the baby's birth.
  • The couple would need to live in Newcastle or the Hunter Valley of NSW.
  • The couple will need to acknowledge that this project could be exhibited in a range of exhibitions or film festivals both nationally and internationally, through social media and any other environment chosen by the producer.
  • A release form would need to be signed by both people allowing their images and voices to be used in any manner deemed appropriate by the producer.
  • The couple would need to acknowledge that there would be no payment for their involvement.
  • The couple would need to periodically and independent from one another create a film diary that they would download to a shared Dropbox account.

If you are interested in being involved please complete the form below.